If you've ever wished for a Quran bookmark that was ultra-kind to your pages, ultra-elegant and ultra-easy to use, then you'll love the Quran Pin. With its sophisticated look, this metallic bookmark houses the renowned 'Noble Quran' calligraphic emblem at its head, encased in a sturdy silver coin, from which protrudes a tall and ultra-thin spine.
Measuring 14cm tall, and nestled in an opulent box, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face each time you recite the Noble Quran. 
The Quran Pin has an ultra thin spine, far thinner than the Quran Mark, making it extremely well suited to highly frequent use. So essentially, if you’re looking for an elegant gift, we’d recommend the Quran Mark, and if you’re looking for a bookmark that will be ultra-kind to your pages, we’d recommend the Quran Pin.